Search your ideal LED lighting products

We at IINNO, want you to get the best possible service in your journey to finding the LED products that will best fit your needs. For this reason, instead of overwhelming you with the 25.000 products that we have on our database, we designed the IINNO LED FINDER, a search engine which will help you focus only on the products that are suitable for you.

We created three different ways in which this search engine can be used, in order to facilitate each customer's needs, regardless of their previous experience with our products. So, use the first tab if you already have an IINNO order code or model number and you want to see the products specifications, the second tab if you're an experienced user and have a given set of specifications that the product you're looking for must fulfill or let us guide you through this process by using the third tab.

If you already have an IINNO order code or model number of the product that you're interested in, please enter it below and click on search so you can see all its technical specifications, catalogue etc.

Choose the type products that you're interested in, fill in any specifications that the product must satisfy in the corresponding fields and click on the search button. If you are working on a project with specific requirements regarding the manufacturing facilities certifications, you can state them in the corresponding fields, and we'll present you with all the products in our database that meet the criteria you specified.


Let us guide you into finding the product that will best fit your needs. There are 22 steps through which you can state any special characteristics that you may require, but fill free to skip any of them. Skipping will only result in showing you a wider variety of products to choose from.

Select LED Type

Select the type of products that you're interested in.

Product range

Are you interested in professional or consumer products? Consumer products are the ones used to supply electrical stores or super markets, while professional are the most customized ones, that allow you to reach the quality standards that your project may require.

Rated power (W)

What's the wattage you need?


What Connector do you need your products to have? For example, the most frequently used are E27/B22 for globes, GU10/MR16 for spots and E14 for candles.

Luminous flux

What's the luminosity requirements regarding your product? Fill in this field in lumens (the "amount" of visible light in a defined beam angle or source) if you have any restrictions regarding the luminous efficiency of your products.

Beam angle (°)

What lighting beam angle would you like your products to have?

IP rating

What IP rating do you want your products to have? IP stands for "Ingress Protection". Each IP rating has 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to liquid protection. We suggest IP65 or more for outdoor spaces and IP44 or more for indoor spaces with lots of humidity (such as indoor pools, bathrooms, etc)


What CRI do you need your products to have? The CRI is a measure of how accurately the light source illuminates an objects' true colors. The higher the CRI, the closer to the real colors of the object, as if it was seen under sunlight. For example, for industrial usage anything over >65 is acceptable, but for fashion and jewelry stores a CRI>90 or CRI>95 would be preferable.

Cutout (mm)

What cutout size are you interested in? Remember that there's room for some leeway, for example a downlight with cutout of 200mm can surely fit a cutout space of 205mm. This feature applies only for recessed installation of lighting fixtures.

Size (mm)

What size would you like your products to be? Fill in this field in millimeters, if you have any size restrictions in your installation space.

Color temp (°K)

What color temperature, do you wish your products light to be? The most frequently used are 2700K, 4000K, 6500K. This is an easily customizable feature, so if you can't find exactly what you're looking for then send us a request and we'll find it for you.


What color of light would you like your products to emit? You can choose from the white spectrum (warm white, cool white, day light), RGB or a single color such as red, blue, etc.

Voltage Type

What voltage type do you want your products to have? For example, some products can work with DC of 12 or 24 Volts, others with a wide AC voltage like AC100-240V and others with single AC voltage, such as AC110-130V or AC220-240V.


How many years warranty do you need your products to have? We can often manage to extend the warranty period by upgrading some of the product's components, so if you need a product to have longer warranty let us know and we'll do the best we can to get it for you.


Are there any restrictions by your project description regarding the certifications of the products? For example, each market requires a different set of certificates (CE for Europe, SAA for Australia etc) Use a single space as a separator between the certificates that interest you.


Do you want your products to be dimmable?

LED Brand

Do you need your products to have a specific brand of LEDs?

LED Driver

Do you need your products to have a specific brand of driver?


Do you need your products to have a UGR <19 rating?


Is it a requirement of your project that the products are flickering free? If so, select "No" To see only certified, non-flickering products.

Manufacturer's certificates

Does your project have any specific requirements regarding the manufacturing facilities certifications like BSCI, or ISO14001? If yes, then mention them here.

Manufacturer's Stock Market